On routines and their impending lack

I have a pretty set routine, most days. Wake up early, breakfast, go to work, work, come home, relax/do something fun/do other work.

Shaking up this routine always spurs an intensely creative period. It just happened when I moved from my old apartment to a new house. For about a week, I had a nonstop outpouring of writing. I will be moving to a house-sit house for the summer in June, and am sure it will happen again.

I can’t wait for the several weeks on the road – no routine, no familiarity but my own company. If I were a songwriter I might write an album’s worth of songs. If I were a novelist I might write the first few chapters of my next work. Since I’m neither of these, I’ll settle for writing a few new good dances and essays, and maybe rekindling my dormant love of my Canon DSLR:

Here’s to unpredictability, and rechargeable camera batteries.


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