Definition & Goal

Danielle avocado




  1. full of juice; juicy.
  2. affording mental nourishment.

  1. a succulent plant, as a sedum or cactus.




  1. Meteorology . a precipitation in the form of ice crystals.
  2. something resembling a layer of these flakes in whiteness, softness, or the like: the snow of fresh linen.
  3. Literary: white blossoms; the white color of snow.




  1. The process of a Vermont native moving from the succulent American southwest back to family, apple cider, and snow.
  2. The means by which one starts a new chapter.
  3. An adventure that allows one to meet many new, incredible people.

My name is Danielle Boudreau, and my goal was to not only drive across the country as I move back home, but to experience community along the way. I contacted dance communities along my route to see who I could meet, dance, and laugh with. I am a new contra dance caller, and hoped to share this along the way. (For more on that, see this page.)

Succulent to Snow was created to document the process: from preparation, to launch, to the journey, and finally to the arrival.

Now that I’m home in New England, I will continue to use this blog intermittently as a platform to share my experiences in contra dance and related travel. Stay tuned!

You can contact me at


2 thoughts on “Definition & Goal

  1. The places you’ll see. The people you’ll meet. The exciting times of Ms. Boudreau. I look forward to reading about your travels.

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